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550 grams plain/standard flour

2 ½ tsp salt

½ tsp baking powder

115 grams unsalted butter**

300 ml warm water


Mix butter and warm water in a cup and let sit until butter is melted. Combine all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add butter/water mixture to dry ingredients and mix well. Tip mixture onto floured bench surface and knead until soft (approx. 4-5 mins). Form into a ball and cover with a damp tea towel for 15 minutes.  


Separate dough into 12 pieces (or 24 for taco size tortillas) and roll in palms of hands to form balls. Cover again with tea towel and let rest for 15 minutes. 


On floured surface, slightly press out each dough ball, making it flatter. Use a rolling pin (or old jar or bottle) to roll each dough ball out into round shapes. The thinner the better.  I like to be able to see through my rolled-out tortillas. Doesn’t matter if they are not a perfect circle. They will still taste yummy!


Traditionally, you cook these on a heated comal pan. If you have a cast iron pan, that is similar, but you can also cook in any type of flat pan, griddle or skillet. Warm pan of choice on medium heat. Make sure pan is hot and ready before you place tortilla. Cook on one side for 30-45 seconds, or until air pockets form and brown, cooked areas appear. Flip the tortilla over and cook for an additional 30-45 seconds. Enjoy!


**Traditionally, lard is used, so if you can source that, feel free to use. You can substitute an oil of choice, instead of butter, to make vegan friendly. 

*You can experiment with other types of flours, but may need to adjust water amount.

*During certain times of the year, you may need to adjust flour/water ratios to account for drier or more humid air. You want dough soft, but not sticky. Additional flour may be needed when rolling out tortilla dough. 

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